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I'm Not For Everyone Sticker

I'm Not For Everyone Sticker

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Declare your unique self with our 'I Am Not for Everyone' sticker. Stick it on your laptop, water bottle, or wherever you please, and let the world know that you're beautifully one-of-a-kind. SIZE 4.0" x 1.6"

About Erin Dayhaw

"I’m Erin. I am a taco-lovin’, croc-wearin’ sarcastic ass bitch! I’m a Ravenclaw with a mouth like a sailor and a whole lot of sass! THE CORE VALUES BEHIND ERIN DAYHAW 1. Speak your mind. 2. Cuss words aren't bad words until they have bad intentions. 3. Crocs are actually fucking cool! 4. Tacos can be eaten for any meal of a day that ends in Y. 5. Life is too short for anything boring."

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